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The Praise Live Site has been created to help the various Praise Teams that are affiliated with Praise Live to share resources and to keep all the members of the various local Praise Teams informed and on the same page about Praise events.

Please browse around to see what is available and useful. You may freely download music files or print the score sheets directly from this site for your use. The goal of Praise Live is to enable networking around the concept of "Praise." 

In the future, more features and resources will be made available as possible. There will be live streaming of Christian music through this website in various languages and through dedicated apps. Our ambition is also to create, and broadcast radio and TV based programs under this same name of PraiseLive. Please check this site from time to time to see what is new.

Note: Some posted demo tracks are not professionally done and may not always sound good but will give an idea of the arrangement of a song for learning purposes.

Many rearrangements of familiar songs posted here are originals of Praise Live.

Making Praise Live in all flavors is what it's all about!


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